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Chevy Promotes Cruze Hatch With #FuelYourHustle Videos

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Chevy FuelYourHustle video

Chevrolet is promoting its first-ever Cruze Hatchback with a series of videos that show customer testimonials from drivers who own the new hatch model.

The videos use the same #FuelYourHustle hashtag that was coined by Prince Ea’s spoken word video made to promote the 2016 Cruze sedan back in April of last year. Each video spotlights a person who, in keeping with the theme, has “hustled” their way to success in their chosen field.

The first one profiles Michelle Samson, a floral designer in Washington DC who is passionate about her craft. Take a look:

Flowers are a lifelong passion for Michelle, who says she has been cutting flowers and putting them in jars since childhood. Though she was young when she gave birth to her daughter, Michelle did not let it derail her career, saying she still “pushed forward, because I think if you work hard enough you’ll get to the point you want to.”

For Michelle, working hard means working two jobs, and waking up at 3 am to accomplish everything that needs to be done with both her work and family. What fuels her hustle, though, is the belief that she is sharing something with the world.

A similar motivation inspires Joshua Diaz, a singer-songwriter, music producer, and sailor based in Miami.

“There have been plenty of times that I wished I wasn’t an artist,” Diaz says in the video. “It would be a lot easier to get a more stable job and just have a routine, but that’s just not in the cards. The reason I keep going is this is who I am, you can’t run from who you are.”