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Chrome MINI Prank: A David Bowie Copycat?

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Yesterday (April 1st), MINI put out a press release about a new model made entirely of chrome that had the power to dazzle—or possibly blind—you. The idea itself seemed pretty legitimate, until I got to the part of the press release that claimed “By way of a precaution, MINI expressly points out to photojournalists who wish to attend the event that it will be compulsory to wear sunglasses and that it is not possible to permit the use of flash due to physically uncontrollable reflections.”

MINI April Fools Day

MINI’s idea of an April Fools’ joke: the MINI with Chrome Line Exterior Deluxe

Nice try, MINI. You’re not fooling this guy.

But after some research on the subject of chrome MINIs, it came to my attention that there is, in fact, an actual chrome MINI in the world. And that chrome MINI belongs to none other than legendary British rocker David Bowie. It’s a classic Mini Cooper, made in 1999 for the brand’s 40th birthday, and it’s entirely covered in what looks suspiciously like mirrors. It’s also a thousand times more awesome than anything MINI could pretend to come up with in an attempt to prank us.

Chrome Mini by David Bowie photo IMG_0581.jpg

After last year’s MINI Cooper T prank, I certainly expected something on par with the idea of a MINI that ran on a good ol’ British cup of tea. Am I the only one in thinking that MINI’s prank this year fell flat, and that I’d take Bowie’s Cooper over the “MINI with Chrome Line Exterior Deluxe” any day?

Via: Jalopnik