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Chrysler Climbs Up 10 Spots on the 2017 Consumer Reports Reliability Survey

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Chrysler went from 27th place to 17th place between last year's study and this year's survey

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Chrysler is working to improve upon its reliability, with rather impressive results

Consumer Reports recently published its Brand Reliability Survey for 2017, and, unsurprisingly, Toyota and Lexus were at the top of the list once again. Unfortunately for the American automotive industry, only one American brand cracked the top 10: Buick.

Nevertheless, one brand with American origins made a big improvement between last year’s survey and this year’s edition. Indeed, Chrysler climbed up 10 spots in terms of reliability this year.

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During the 2016 Consumer Reports Brand Reliability Survey, Chrysler was ranked at #27 on the list, two spots away from coming in last place. For 2017, Chrysler has improved its overall standing to 17th place.

In fact, Chrysler was the highest-ranked brand from FCA’s lineup. The lowest-ranked FCA brand was Ram, coming in at 25th place.

One FCA brand that did not make an appearance on this year’s list was Fiat. Consumer Reports reported that it did not receive enough responses from Fiat owners to include the Italian brand on the reliability rankings.

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The departure of the 200 might have actually helped Chrysler in terms of reliability

One reason for Chrysler’s rise in the reliability ranks might actually be due to the elimination of the Chrysler 200 from its lineup. The 200 had previously earned a reputation for having issues arise shortly after it was initially purchased, thus hurting Chrysler’s overall reliability.

Meanwhile, the newly-introduced Chrysler Pacifica minivan is undergoing far fewer problems. Still, Consumer Reports found that the Pacifica did encounter various transmission issues throughout its first model year.

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The new ranking for Chrysler places it above many of the brands from FCA rival General Motors. While Buick may have earned eighth place in terms of reliability, the rest of the GMC lineup was ranked below Chrysler, with Cadillac coming in last place.

According to Consumer Reports, Chrysler and its fellow FCA companies have carried a problematic reputation for the past few years. However, if this year’s reliability study is any indication, the FCA family is actively working to improve its image.

News Source: USA Today