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Conceptual Chrysler Portal Minivan Reportedly Scheduled for Production in 2020

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Chrysler's electric minivan designed for millennials may finally be added to the automaker's lineup sometime during 2020

FCA reveled the Chrysler Portal Concept at the 2017 CES and it was designed by millennials for millennials

Chrysler’s Millennial-Mobile may be coming to fruition

Last year, Chrysler introduced the conceptual Chrysler Portal EV minivan. This vehicle was marketed as a vehicle of the millennials, by the millennials, for the millennials.

Recent reports suggest that the Portal may not merely be a concept for much longer. Instead, it is rumored to be entering production in 2020.

Redefining Mobility: The Chrysler Portal Concept

The Chrysler Portal was first shown off during the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The Portal is meant to be the next big step following the Pacifica Hybrid, the industry’s first electric-powered minivan.

Not only would the Portal push the boundary for Chrysler’s EV initiative. It could also showcase the automaker’s latest self-driving technologies.

The Chrysler Portal Concept was the star of FCA’s display at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show

Why settle for one set of sliding doors when you can have two?

One of the Chrysler Portal’s standout features is a fold-away steering wheel, which drivers can store away while the Portal’s self-driving system is in use. Additionally, exterior signals let pedestrians know where the Portal is heading next on its route.

The Portal concept also features a pair of sliding doors, one for the front row and one for the back row. Chrysler was one of the first automakers to introduce sliding doors back in the 1980s.

Chrysler currently doesn’t have a self-driving system of its own. However, the brand has partnered with Waymo to assist with that company’s autonomous efforts.

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As for where the Chrysler Portal could potentially be built, comments made last year hint that the Windsor Assembly Plant in Ontario would be the ideal choice. Still, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Ontario is guaranteed to be the Portal’s point of origin.

Chrysler still has a lot of research and development to do before a vehicle like the Portal can officially enter production. Still, if the automaker is able to create some of the necessary components during the next couple of years, then we may very well see a new minivan EV enter the market at the start of the next decade.

News Source: CleanTechnica