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Dream Bigger with the New Mazda Campaign

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Screenshot from the Mazda Dream Bigger Ad
Photo: Mazda

With every new campaign, Mazda solidifies its place as a premium brand. In the newest phase of its FEEL ALIVE campaign, Mazda evokes a feeling of dreamlike wonderment in the new minute-long ad entitled “Dream Bigger.”

“Dream Bigger” is the brainchild of Mazda North American Operations and Garage Team Mazda. Instead of showcasing revving engines and energetic driving, “Dream Bigger” takes a more emotional and evocative approach.

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Dream Bigger

In the spot, a woman heads out the door with her Mazda keys — which magically transform into a big red balloon — and she seems pretty cool with it. The balloon spirits her away to parts unknown, where she drifts through fields of flowers, dips her toes into a sparkling lake, and combs her fingers through fresh mountain snow. Things take a sharp turn when the balloon whisks her into a dark tunnel — and plot twist — the adventurous red balloon is revealed to be a metaphor for the 2019 Mazda3 hatchback. Psyche!

Want to see the ad for yourself? Here’s the video below.

The soothing song in the background is “Dreams,” by The Cranberries, covered masterfully by Haley Reinhardt.

Brand-focused inspiration

Dino Bernacchi, Chief Marketing Officer for Mazda North American Operations, seems to love the ad. He said, “The team and Haley truly helped us tap into the rich and deep emotional feelings that the driver experiences about their Mazda. By literally transcending the conventional rubber to the road experience, the ad connects with our consumers’ desire to push their limits—to go beyond the ordinary.”

Indeed, the advertisement showcases the Mazda experience. It’s all about cool, inspiring, uplifting vehicles that enable independent, creative, adventurous people to achieve their dreams. And while it’s a very pretty advertisement, you’ll only catch a glimpse of the 2019 Mazda3 hatchback. You’ll have to visit your local Mazda dealership to get a better look.

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Source: PR Newswire