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“Dream Ride” Virtual Experience Shows Off 2015 Lincoln MKC

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Dream RideLincoln is looking to really get out there and promote their all-new MKC, so they’ve decided that they are going to move past traditional methods of advertising like print and billboards and invest in this newfangled thing that their grandchildren told them about called the Internet. As such, they have launched the “Dream Ride” virtual experience, which plays out as something approaching an alternate reality game.

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By visiting, you can watch an interactive video about…well, two guys getting coffee. One of these guys has a 2015 Lincoln MKC, you see, so it’s relevant stuff. He also has had his wallet stolen, and rather than do the logical thing and call the police at any point, he drags you—the viewer—around with him as he chases after the thief in his Lincoln while a 20-year-old Stone Temple Pilots song (although we’d consider that a win considering how terrible the new, Weiland-less Stone Temple Pilots sound) blares over the radio.

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The viewer can interact with certain aspects of the presentation, including but not limited to looking around with the mouse cursor, and can stop the presentation and various points in order to learn more about the 2015 MKC. By logging in through Facebook or Twitter, users can access a more personalized experience.

Through the experience, you can marvel at the MKC’s interior, at its ability to maneuver out of a parking spot, and at how deftly it is able to keep up with a street cab. Dream Ride aims to help Lincoln attract younger and more diverse customers, and is part of a larger outreach campaign that also involves digital network, strategy and design studio Largetail, Bravo TV’s Andy Cohen, music duo Johnnyswim, and automotive journalist and Fit Father blogger Kimatni Rawlins.