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Electric Vehicles Make the World More Resilient, Says Nissan

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Pictured is the interior of the 2017 Nissan Leaf. The Nissan Leaf is America’s best-selling electric vehicle

A new video released by Nissan is showing the world that electric vehicles (EVs) are more than just cars; they are lifelines in an emergency.

When disaster strikes, people become stranded without essential services. And, although electricity is one of the first services to be restored, it takes time.

In the video, Nissan states that its “range of electric vehicles can act as a mobile emergency backup, providing transportation in and out of disaster areas,” and that its “Zero emission vehicles are safe to use indoors, supplying energy for those who can’t go home.”

The video also shows that Nissan’s electric vehicles can power up phones, heating systems, and cooking appliances. Once power has been re-established, Nissan states that its electric vehicles “can be recharged to work as mobile power sources, avoiding gridlock at gas stations and extending an essential lifeline to isolated areas.”

Nissan’s dedication to engineering electric vehicles is a substantial part of its Nissan Intelligent Mobility initiative. This initiative centers on how vehicles are driven, powered, and incorporated into the world.

“We are designing vehicles that will drive you to your destination and park themselves and researching roads that will charge your Electric Vehicle (EV) as you drive. These developments aren’t in the distant future—they are taking shape in the Nissan vehicle you drive today,” Nissan states.

The Nissan Intelligent Mobility initiative is the blueprint for how Nissan will tackle major problems of today’s world—traffic congestion, air pollution, vehicular accidents, and climate change—by altering the mode of transportation to be more fun, safe, and intelligent, “with the ultimate goal of achieving zero-emissions and zero-fatalities on the road.”

See the complete Nissan video below:

News Source: Nissan, InsideEvs