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FCA Officially Files for the “Angel” Vehicle Name Trademark

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After conjuring up a Demon, Dodge might be getting ready to call forth an Angel

Dodge can be your angel or your devil

To say that Dodge put a lot of time and energy into the marketing for the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon would be an understatement. Reports surrounding all of the Demon’s specs and capabilities kept on emerging like a bat out of Hell for months before its reveal.

With 840 horsepower under the hood and a quarter-mile time of 9.65 seconds, the Dodge Demon’s unreal performance helped it to live up to its demonic nameplate. For Dodge’s next project, the company might be looking for a little divine inspiration.

Files from the United States Patent and Trademark Office indicate that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has filed for a trademark on the name “Angel.”

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FCA’s proposed trademark would cover “motor vehicles, namely, passenger automobiles, their structural parts, trim and badges.” That means this mysterious “Angel” could be anything from a new vehicle to a special-edition trim level.

In fact, it may not be a Dodge product at all. Since FCA filed for the trademark, it could cover any one of the automaker’s vehicle brands, from Chrysler to Alfa Romeo.

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Speculation has already begun on what the mysterious “Angel” might be. Many believe that FCA’s long-awaited and long-rumored performance hybrid model might bear the name. Others think that it might be a road-friendly version of the Dodge Demon.

FCA might not have any concrete plans involving the “Angel” trademark at this time. After all, the company has filed multiple times to renew the “Barracuda” trademark without introducing a new ‘Cuda yet. FCA could always be claiming the trademark to ensure that rivals like GM and Ford don’t use the name for any Demon competitors.

Still, it’s interesting to think of what FCA might have up its sleeve and in the production pipeline. Only time will tell if this “Angel” descends to grace the same streets as the Dodge Demon.

News Source: The Drive