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Fiat-Chrysler Claims New Aegea Similar to IKEA

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Fiat Aegea

The Fiat Aegea will be like IKEA, according to Fiat head Olivier Francois

IKEA doesn’t just have great meatballs and difficult-to-assemble furniture—it also happens to be the most recent inspiration for Fiat car designers. Recently, Fiat brand CEO Olivier Francois announced that the upcoming Fiat Aegea variants—which will be sold in Europe—“will be like IKEA.”

While you might automatically think that means meatballs galore, think again.

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As Francois explained to Automotive News Europe, “It will be functional and not loaded with features that buyers don’t want to pay for…We will be careful to give you what you expect.”

The IKEA reference is in regards to the Aegea’s “affordable, but smart” philosophy. Fiat’s newest models will appeal to consumers’ practical sides, much like IKEA’s furniture, while also reducing the amount of features that buyers don’t want to pay for.

The Italian carmaker plans to make the Aegea appealing to consumers of all socioeconomic statuses, making Fiat more affordable than ever before.

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Fiat is introducing the Aegea to replace the brand’s previously popular Bravo compact car lineup. It will have to different body styles—a hatchback and a wagon. Hopefully, the Aegea will make an impression on European car buyers like the Bravo did for its tenure.