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First Look at the New Maserati Sports Car

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Maserati Mule at Modena
Photo: Maserati

First of all, let me just say that while typing out “Maserati sports car” in the headline, the song “Old Town Road” immediately popped into my head, so thanks but no thanks, Billy Ray Cyrus.

Anyway, Maserati has been making a lot of buzz about its upcoming new sports car that may or may not be based on the Alfieri concept, and we’ve finally gotten our first glimpse at it.

Weirdly, the Italian luxury carmaker framed this reveal as a spy shot, but that’s typically something that happens when a photographer or organization not involved with the car company spots a test mule and then sells it or posts about it for clicks online. In this case, it is Maserati posting spy shots of its own car.

In any case, the car does look good even with all of that camouflage, and Maserati was keen on letting us know it was “spotted on the streets of Modena,” which is where it’s being built. In early 2019, Maserati had also announced the modernization of the Modena production line to accommodate the very vehicle you see now in the picture above.

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Then again, it’s probably best not to put too much stock in the shape of the car. Maserati says it’s basically a powertrain mule — likely cobbled together from various other cars — with the purpose of testing the engine, one that Maserati says has been developed and built entirely in-house.

Now that is significant because every Maserati since 2002 has not actually been powered by Maserati but rather by Ferrari. There were noises that Ferrari was no longer very happy with that arrangement and that Maserati would look to new suppliers in the future — or to itself — for engines, and that seems to have been ultimately the case.

The automaker says the new sports car engine “will be the forefather of a new family of engines integrated exclusively on the vehicle of the Brand.” As for the new sports car, you can expect it to be revealed in its full glory, or so Maserati hopes, in May 2020.

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