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Oliver Chalouhi Says World’s First Nissan LEAF Sold is Still Going Strong

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2011 Nissan LEAF

First Nissan Leaf Sold – Oliver Chalouhi’s 2011 LEAF

This past week, Nissan wowed the automotive world by demoing a fully-autonomous LEAF at Japan’s CEATEC expo.  Just three short years ago, the first Nissan LEAF sold was ordered by Oliver Chalouhi of Redwood City, California to much pomp and celebration.  Today, Chalouhi says that that fateful black 2011 Nissan LEAF is still going strong.

“The car…is holding up really well,” Chalouhi said in a video interview with Nissan.

While Chalouhi tells Nissan that he originally purchased the LEAF for its environmental benefits, he finds that he has come to love its smooth ride, comfort, and usefulness as a family vehicle over these three years.

“You can put three kids in the car…which is great,” Chalouhi stated.

Since receiving his LEAF in December 2010, Chalouhi has driven 30,000 miles without producing any emissions.  He’s clearly not alone: more than 35,000 LEAF plug-in EVs have sold since that fateful first in late-2010.

The increased presence of the LEAF on roadways has served not only to improve Chalouhi’s EV-driving kin on roadways, but it has helped expand Nissan’s network of fast-charging stations and enable LEAF drivers to get more miles out of their trips.   From the first Nissan LEAF sold to the most recent self-driving version, the future is looking greener for drivers everywhere.