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Ford Details 2017 GT’s Digital Info Cluster for All the Losers Who Don’t Get to Own One

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All-New Ford GT Supercar’s Digital Instrument Display

Chances are, you are not one of the automotive elites who managed to successfully apply for the right to pay nearly half a million dollars for a 2017 Ford GT. Because of this probability, you are likely only able to live out your dream of owning a completely ridiculous, extremely limited supercar through looking at photos, watching videos, dreaming, constant pining, building up a GT in the configurator, and occasionally playing video games.

Ford is nothing if not charitable in its willingness to alleviate your burden and put plenty of material in your hank bank (hank being short for hankering, naturally), and it’s chucking in another bit with the reveal of the GT’s 10-inch digital cluster display.

Video: The Ford GT’s Digital Cluster Revealed

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Just imagine: if you actually owned a 2017 Ford GT, you would be able to look at this thing every time you got behind the wheel. But you don’t own a Ford GT. No, you don’t own a Ford GT because you are not independently wealthy or because you are not an “influencer of public opinion” or because you weren’t ever fortunate enough to have already owned a Ford GT. So drink it in.

Watch and Weep: The Five Drive Modes of the Ford GT

You like that? You like that the Ford GT has five drive modes? You like that the information display adapts to accommodate different driving modes like a neat thing that costs a lot of money and you will not ever own? You do, don’t you?

“We spent an enormous amount of time getting this just right,” said Nick Terzes, Ford GT engineering supervisor. “The result is simple, but achieving simple perfectly can be a challenge.”

Perfectly simple. Simply perfect. But you’ll probably never know first-hand, at least not in a 2017 Ford GT. Ford is intending to make the instrument display for all future vehicles digital, but, come on, a Fiesta is great and all but it is not even remotely the same thing.

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