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Ford SYNC to Connect with Amazon Echo, Wink

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Ford SYNC Amazon Echo Alexa

Ford is looking to establish a connection between consumer and vehicle that other automakers cannot offer. The latest step in that direction was announced this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show with the reveal that Ford vehicles equipped with SYNC will be able to be linked to Amazon Echo and Wink.

Watch: SYNC and Amazon Echo

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“Consumers increasingly want to stay connected to their homes while on the move,” said Don Butler, Ford executive director, Connected Vehicle and Services. “Linking smart devices like Amazon Echo and Wink to vehicles via SYNC would fulfill that desire, and allow consumers to connect with their vehicles even when they aren’t behind the wheel.”

By linking to Amazon Alexa, Ford owners will be able to ask their Echo devices to remotely start or stop their vehicle, lock or unlock doors, provide updates on range and charge status for electric vehicles and fuel level and miles-to-empty for gasoline-powered vehicles, and vehicle location as well as the time and distance from home.

Using Alexa in-vehicle via wheel-mounted controls, drivers can get weather updates, select music from their Amazon library, and remotely turn on/off connected smart devices at their homes. SYNC will work with Wink in the same way.

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