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Genesis Premium Brand Discloses Plans for Plug-In Hybrid Cars

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Genesis Vision G Concept car at Chicago Auto Show grille

Over the past six months, details about Hyundai’s new luxury brand Genesis have slowly been leaking out. The new brand has been diligently setting the groundwork for a lineup of premium models, both rebadged Hyundai models and brand new vehicles.

While you might think that Genesis would be focusing on gas-guzzling vehicles more interested in building a reputation of performance over efficiency, Hyundai’s CEO David Zuchowski has indicated otherwise.

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Plans for PHEVs in Genesis’ Future

In an interview, Zuchowski described the role that plug-in hybrid models would play in the Genesis lineup. “Some of those [plug-in hybrids] will take the form of the Genesis side of our business,” stated Zuchowski. “We believe alternative-propulsion engines are going to be really important–even more important in the luxury market than they are in the mainstream market.”

This would put Genesis in the ranks of other premium brands like BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz which have also offered plug-in model variants. The long-term focus of Genesis will be making hydrogen fuel cell technology available to mainstream consumers in its lineup in the long-term, but for now PHEV variants will appease consumers and regulators.

Which Genesis model(s) would be getting a plug-in variant was not disclosed, but it’s promising news that the Korean brand is working on electric drivetrain technology–something that has proven to be profitable for automakers as PHEV sales continue to rise.

Thus far, the brand has laid out three of its models: the G80 (formerly the Genesis sedan), the G90 (formerly the Equus), and the G70 compact sports sedan.

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News Source: AutoNews