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Google Maps Could Show You Where You Can Park Soon

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Google Maps Navigation App

The Google Maps app might soon tell you where parking is available

Parking in a city is definitely one of Dante’s nine circles of Hell. Arriving at your destination only to realize that there are no parking spaces in sight can easily ruin a night, especially if you are already running late. It’s possible that this is all about to change, though, thanks to Google.

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It looks like Google could be setting up parking availability alerts in Google Maps. These alerts were first discovered by Android Police in a beta version of the Google Maps app for Android—and they’re going to do exactly what you would expect them to do.

Once you enter your destination, the parking availability will alert you just how difficult it will be to find a parking space in a given place. The level of difficultly will be displayed in increasing severity, ranking from easy, medium, and hard. It even has descriptions of each. The app’s unfinished code says that “easy” parking areas have “plenty of parking”; “medium” areas “may not be easy”; and “hard” streets have “limited” space.

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If you didn’t already think that Google Maps is the greatest thing since sliced bread, this potential new feature is sure to change those feelings. Android Police were unsure as to how the app is getting this parking data, but hopefully it’s a more accurate method than just considering the number of parking venues in a given area.

There’s no official word yet on when—or if—the parking availability alert feature will become the norm on Google Maps, but if it does, it’s sure to be a hit.

News Source: Android Police