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Google Maps Noodles with Snake for April Fool’s Day

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Some of us do not do so well with snakes, unlike this Virginia woman last summer.

Google has a fun electronic way for you to play the classic game of Snake.

In case you have not been on Google Maps app today, the company allows you play Snake for April Fool’s Day.

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Select the classic game in the menu of the Maps app. Pick from a select number of cities, including Cairo, São Paulo, London, Sydney, San Francisco, Tokyo, or even the entire world. From there, you can move a train or bus around the map and pick up landmarks and passengers as you swipe.

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Google states that the game is available on iOS and Android devices to users globally today. It will stay in the app all week.

If you cannot access the app, you can visit to play the game.

While it is far from a prank, it is quite a fun game to play — during your lunch hour of course.

Be very careful though. It’s quite addicting and can limit your productivity. And trust me — you do not want to play this while commuting to work or home.

Let me know what high score you got in the comments section below.