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GoPro Steals Subaru-Sponsored Content from YouTuber Devin Graham

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Devin Graham Video Subaru Outback

The jumpers land, parachutes and all, in front of Graham’s 2012 Subaru Outback

In May of this year, YouTuber Devin Graham partnered with Subaru to create an adrenaline-filled adventure video. With several professional jumpers, Graham created a slip-and-slide base jumping video.

The group slid down a soap- and water-coated slip and slide, plunging from a 500-foot cliff into free fall. Within five seconds, the jumpers had to orient their bodies, pull their parachutes, and descend to safety.

Subaru sponsored the entire event; according to Subaru, Devin Graham owns a 2012 Subaru Outback. He brought the crossover SUV along for the high-intensity ride. The vehicle can be seen several times throughout the video, conquering difficult terrain to carry the jumpers and their equipment.

Devin Graham 2012 Subaru Outback

However, the YouTuber ran into some digital conflict when he noticed GoPro, a camera company, had stolen his behind-the-scenes footage.

Monday, GoPro uploaded a segment of Graham’s behind-the-scenes video to their YouTube channel. The video does not link back to the original and the company did not ask Graham for permission before redistributing the video.

“I’m usually not vocal about this,” explained Graham on Instagram. “But I’ve had too many friends who have been walked on and pushed around by this company [GoPro].”

According to Graham, this is a consistent problem with GoPro. The company has been taking videos filmed with their brand’s cameras and posting them to their digital platforms without asking for permission. Graham posted his concerns on Instagram Tuesday.

The awkward moment when GoPro steals your footage from one of the most expensive, biggest productions you’ve ever done without ever asking permission :/ Never once mentions the company @subaru_usa who funded it, the team behind making it, and also while using the exact same thumbnail….. I’m not okay with companies like this doing this. GoPro has been walking over people for the longest time, I know this first hand from little companies I work with. I’m usually not vocal about this. But I’ve had too many friends who have been walked on and pushed around by this company.

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YouTubers usually collaborate with company sponsors, such as Subaru, because of their love for and belief in the brand they’re partnering with. While Graham used GoPro cameras to film some of the footage for his channel, he did not partner with the camera company, nor did he provide them with permission to use his footage. By redistributing the footage as their own, many believe GoPro is stealing from Graham as well as Subaru.

Watch Devin Graham’s full video with Subaru here:

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