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Halloween Drive-Thru Events in Florida

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halloween car drive-thru
Halloween drive-thrus are a great way to celebrate the holiday this year
Photo: AnnaliseArt via Pixabay

Despite the pandemic, Halloween isn’t canceled this year. The Sunshine State has plenty of ways for you to get your thrills and chills — all from behind the wheel of your safe, sanitary vehicle. Here’s a look at three innovative drive-through haunted attractions in Florida.

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Horrorland (Miramar)

Billing itself as the first drive-thru Halloween experience in South Florida, Horrorland promises to deliver a scary fun time to the greater Miami area. This safe, spooky, contactless haunted attraction puts you into an immersive game, where you’re the star of a horror movie. You’ll have to survive everything from killer clowns to shambling zombies as you traverse six different themed scenarios. The event runs from Oct. 1-31, from Thursdays through Sundays.

Scream n’ Stream Drive-Thru (Kissimmee)

At the Scream n’ Stream Drive-Thru, you’ll enjoy a storytelling experience that’s inspired by 90s horror flicks. From the safety of your car, you’ll make your way through a 1.2-mile haunted trail that’s teeming with performers, special effects, props, and spooky scenes. And for the little ones, the Scream n’ Stream Drive-Thru offers a mild, fun-filled trick-or-treat drive-thru experience. The festivities run from throughout the month of October, on select dates.

The Haunted Road (Orlando)

The Haunted Road takes you a spooky through a world in chaos. If that sounds a little too real, don’t worry — there’s a fairy-tail twist. You’ll follow the adventure of princess Rapunzel as she explores outside of her tower for the first time, only to be greeted by all sorts of unsavory ghouls and goblins. If that’s a bit too intense for your little ones, you can visit the daytime family-friendly drive-thru attraction, which guides you through an enchanted forest full of dancing, music, and fairy-tail creatures. Both events run on select dates from Sept. 25 – Nov. 7. There’s even a corn maze at the same location!

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