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Have You Seen the Hyundai Cars in Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’ and ‘Jessica Jones’?

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Hyundai Genesis Netflix Jessica Jones

With the second season of Marvel’s Daredevil launching back in March and Marvel’s Luke Cage premiering in September, Netflix has established a firm position in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe–and a long-term hold on subscribers. With quality, highly-acclaimed original content in the works for years to come, Netflix has proven itself a force to be reckoned with and an advertising field to exploit.

While Audi has been using the big screen installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to boost its brand recognition–including appearances in this month’s Captain America: Civil WarHyundai is taking a hint and stepping into the smaller, portable screen.

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Why You’ll Be Seeing More Hyundai Vehicles on Netflix

Hyundai Motor Co. announced that in 2015 it signed a two-year deal with Netflix and Marvel Studios that earns the automaker prominent product placement opportunities. This contract reaches through 2017 and covers current Netflix shows plus upcoming Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders.

Early collaboration has already resulted in the appearance of the 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and the 2016 Hyundai Genesis in season two of Marvel’s Daredevil, plus episodes of Jessica Jones. As the Genesis becomes the G80 in the rebranded premium lineup, it will no doubt be seen even more in coming episodes.

Monique Kumpis, Hyundai Senior Manager of Advertising, stated, “Our goal is to be a silent but constant character. We understand and appreciate that our role is not to interrupt the audience and their enjoyment. It always should feel organic.”

It’s interesting that clean-cut Hyundai poised itself as the signature automotive brand of these productions, considering the grittiness the Netflix-Marvel shows exude. But, when you see an available market of 82 million subscribers/potential customers, who can blame you?

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