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Hawaii Wants You To Buy a Nissan Leaf

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Drifting Nissan LEAFDo you remember those old Uncle Sam “I Want YOU for the U.S. Army” posters? Hawaii better start printing new ones to hang around the state, because the government really would like everyone to drive carbon-free transport. They want it so badly that a rebate up to $10,000 is being offered to customers who purchase a 2017 Nissan Leaf

We don’t blame Hawaii for this hard drive for better cars. The state’s islands are beautiful places to live and vacation in, and there is a lot of energy that goes into protecting them and their delicate ecosystems. Global warming as a whole is dangerous for places like this, as well as the hazy exhaust from fossil fuel vehicles that can create smog. Besides the environmental cost of traditional vehicles, it is actually very expensive to transport oil and gas to the islands, since they are so cut off from the mainland.

The rebates on the Nissan Leaf is being offered by two of the state’s electric companies, Kaua’i Island Utility Cooperative and Hawaiian Electric Co. Buyers have through March to make their purchases. Hawaii also has a goal of having utilities run on renewable energy as soon as possible, which will also cut down on costs to have coal or oil brought to the island to burn for electricity.

With green cars powered by green electricity, Hawaii will be taking big steps towards a healthier future for its island system. Hopefully other states and utility companies can take similar steps to make electric cars the new kings of the American road.

News Source: Green Car Reports