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Honda Accord and Civic Type R Voted as ‘2018 Automobile All-Stars’

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2017-18 Honda Civic Type R

The Honda Accord and Civic Type R were selected by the editors at Automobile magazine as “2018 Automobile All-Stars,” making Honda the only automaker to receive more than a single honor in the annual awards.

Because Automobile makes no distinctions between class and price, the two Honda vehicles seem almost out of place in the star-studded lineup of eight cars the magazine selected, which includes the McLaren 720, Ford GT, and Porsche 911 Carrera GTS.

Nonetheless, in the minds of the journalists, they both undoubtedly deserved their spot. “In my experience coming from the racing side of the automotive business, it is not normal to find a gaggle of journalists waxing lyrical about a vehicle that costs less than $35,000, especially when they have access to a bucket full of supercar keys and the green light on a racetrack,” wrote Andy Pilgrim, editor for Automobile.

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Despite this, of 26 candidates, the Civic Type R was the only one to feature in every contributor’s list of the top 10 cars, even though its styling was polarizing. “Move past that debate, though, and there was universal agreement about anything associated with the Type R’s performance,” Pilgrim says.

The Honda Accord, meanwhile, was the only family sedan to feature in the awards. Yes, even in the Automobile All-Stars, the Honda Accord, which has been racking up every industry award under the light of the sun for the past several months, somehow found a way to slot itself in there and score yet another one.

“The Honda Accord is a legend among the car-buying public and automotive writers alike, and for good reason,” writes Nelson Ireson, another Automobile editor. “It’s consistently one of the best vehicles on the road, often not because it excels at any one thing but because it’s so good at so many things for relatively little money. That’s still true for the all-new 10th-generation Accord.”

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News Source: Automobile Magazine