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Honda and GM Reveal Logo of Fuel Cell System Manufacturing Joint Venture

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Fuel Cell System Manufacturing LLC Reveals Company Logo

In January of this year, Honda and General Motors announced that they were joining forces to produce advanced hydrogen fuel cell systems. In March, the automakers announced the executive structure for their new joint venture company, Fuel Cell System Manufacturing, LLC (FCSM).

Today, Honda revealed the company logo at an event in metro Detroit. Local elected officials were present at the unveiling, and were recognized for helping bring the operation to the city.

First announced on January 30, 2017, FCSM represents the auto industry’s first joint venture formed to mass-produce hydrogen fuel cell systems. The company anticipates that it will begin production around 2020, with Honda and GM sharing the output. The two automakers will then use the systems separately in their respective products.

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The plant, which is located in the same facility as GM’s battery pack manufacturing operation, should create as many as 100 new jobs by the time it is in full operation.

At the event, FCSM President Suheb Haq also announced that Environmental Leader, a leading daily trade publication that covers sustainability news, has chosen FCSM as a winner of its Project of the Year award competition.

“This is a great example of a partnership designed to leverage resources and innovate on a challenging topic,” said one of the judges said.

“This is a nice early recognition of the very clean, advanced propulsion systems we will build in Brownstown,” said Suheb Haq. “As the partnership between GM and Honda continues to grow, and we continue to make positive progress on our preparations for mass production, it is nice to know that our efforts are seen by others as being good for the environment.”

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