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Honda Revitalizes American Drive-In Movie Theaters with Project Drive-In

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Project Drive-InEven as technology delivers us newer, stronger, and faster ways to enjoy all of the things we love, sometimes the old fashioned way is simply the better way.  An eBook will never be able to that new book smell, and for all the IMAX and 3D options, no megaplex experience can match the feeling of being at the drive-in.  Honda understands this, and with an industry-mandated switch to digital distribution threatening to doom America’s last remaining drive-ins, they are looking to help.

Honda is sponsoring Project Drive-In, which aims to save the American icon that is the drive-in movie theater.  When the summer movie season ends, drive-in theaters across the country will be forced to upgrade to digital projectors or face closure.  A digital projector with drive-in ready capabilities runs approximately $80,000.  Given the largely seasonal status of the drive-in theater, this expense may very well prove a death knell for many.  Honda is looking to save as many drive-ins as they can, and they need your help in doing so.

Honda’s project suggests taking advantage of at least one of four available methods to help the last 368 vestiges of this slice of Americana:

  • Spreading the world by using he hashtag #SavetheDriveIn on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Voting once daily via text message or for a theater of your choice; when voting ends at midnight ET on September 9, the five highest vote-getters will win a digital projector from Honda
  • Contributing to Project Drive-In’s IndieGoGo campaign, which runs until October 7
  • Pledging to support your local drive-in theater this summer by choosing to catch the latest blockbuster from the comfort of your own car; make sure to bring the essentials and enjoy a great night beneath the stars

By using any one of these methods, you can do your part to help assure that the longstanding tradition of the drive-in remains intact to be enjoyed by generations to come.  Vote, pledge, and spread the word!