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How Parents Can Help Teens Prepare For Driver Permit Test

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Becoming a licensed driver is a complicated process, and although your teen has probably been dreaming of the open road for a long time (Independence! No parental control!), he or she probably hasn’t figured out the logistics. And depending on your DMV office and your state’s requirements for obtaining a permit, the process might be too overwhelming for an inexperienced driver. In other words, your help is definitely necessary if you ever want to hand over the keys to your kid, uh, young adult.

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The first step is a field trip to your DMV’s office, according to, to discover all the must-dos for successful permit-getting and of course, the extensive checklist of documents you’ll need to present to the office. Make sure your kid is paying attention and takes responsibility for the work he or she can do.

Even though your kid has been a passenger forever doesn’t mean the rules of the road are instinctual. They must study and take several practice tests. Learning how to drive requires focus and a serious time commitment. Just like with any test in school, you can help your teen prepare. Look through the manual together and quiz him. You might even want to take a practice test yourself and compare scores!

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Transform every drive into a learning opportunity.

“Discuss the rules and traffic situations, provide examples when driving with your kids in a car and practice the driving license exam by asking corresponding questions. Important: be ready that your kids may start criticizing your way of driving. Don’t snap at them and don’t brush off issues,” advises

News Source: Driver-Start