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How to Get Discounts on an Accessible Van

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2020 Ford Transit Cargo Van
Photo: Ford

An accessible van for your wheelchair greatly increases your independent mobility, but paying for a converted vehicle at full price costs a ton of money. Upfitted vans and SUVs aren’t cheap with all the modifications and equipment installation they require.

There are ways you can save money when acquiring a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, including these potential discounts on an accessible van that you might qualify for.

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Possible ways to reduce the cost of a wheelchair-accessible vehicle

Apply for funding/grants

Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for financial aid through federal or state government agencies, like Medicaid. If you’re a veteran, the Veterans Affairs Auto Assistance Program can provide guidance and significant financial support so you can retrofit a vehicle to make it accessible.

If you’re not a veteran, you can still apply for government disability programs by reaching out to your state and county Departments of Human Services. Or, contact non-profit charity organizations for grants, such as General Charitable Grants from the Midwest Special Needs Trust Funds or assistance from the MS, MD, and ALS societies Many organizations and programs offer financial support to people with specific conditions or employment needs.

Manufacturer or dealership rebates

Automakers want you to buy their vehicles, so if you plan on purchasing a van you can have customized, some manufacturers can offer rebates or incentives on mobility equipment or installation. Examples include the Ford Mobility Program, Honda Customer Mobility Assistance Program, and Toyota Mobility Program.

Trade in your old vehicle

There’s a solid possibility that if you purchase an upfitted van from a supplier, they will offer you trade-in credit on your current vehicle. Vans and SUVs can be upfitted and flipped to another buyer, and any old vehicle can earn them money on parts or via auction.


If you know a lot of people through your family, church, workplace, neighborhood, or hobbies who care about you and want to support you, you can establish an online fundraising campaign through platforms like GoFundMe. This allows people to donate to your cause and help you afford your car.

Before you deem obtaining a van to be too expensive or only available full price, do your research by contacting helpful organizations for financial assistance.

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