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How to Safely Drive When Hauling Inflated Balloons

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To save time, energy, and especially your air supply, you opt to purchase fully inflated balloons from a store for the party you’re hosting. You pick out a whole bunch of various sizes, shapes, and colors, and they look picture perfect. You think, “great—one thing off my to-do list,” and then that feeling of accomplishment quickly dissipates as you realize you have to transport them in your car. This, of course, seems doable at first, but then the wind picks up and you realize actually stuffing them into your car is akin to herding cats. And driving with them, well, that’s like herding floating cats.

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“This bouncing cargo can easily become a tangled mess or float away if you fail to corral them during transport,” explains Writer Mimi Bullock who suggests bagging the balloons yourself or with the help of the store’s staff before you head out. Once the balloons are contained, you can cinch the bottom of the bag and grab the balloon strings for easier transport. Writer Satya Wimbish suggests tying the balloons to something heavy to weigh them down.

“Place the balloons in the back seat of your car. Do not place the balloons in the trunk or in the front seat,” advises Bullock. “The heat from the trunk may cause them to burst. Run the vehicle’s air conditioner to keep the air cool. This will limit balloon shrinkage.”

Wimbish suggests enlisting the help of a friend who can handle any wayward balloons while en route to the party, and whether you’re handling the responsibility of balloon transport solo or with a friend, be sure that the balloons never cross your line of sight.

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When you arrive at the party destination, be just as careful removing the balloons from your car as you were when you loaded them; you don’t want your hard-fought journey to be for nothing, and you definitely don’t want to have to go back to the store for more balloons.

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