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How to Use the GMC Sierra MultiPro Tailgate’s Kicker Audio System

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While the functional aspects of the GMC Sierra MultiPro Tailgate have gotten much attention, another one of its features deserves equal attention — the MultiPro Audio System by KICKER. Here’s a brief overview on how to use it to help you get the most out of your new Sierra truck.

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What it is

KICKER’s MultiPro Audio System is a 100-watt exterior audio system that GMC dealers can add to the inner gate panel of the MultiPro tailgate. It’s a great way to elevate tailgating parties with high-quality music or video entertainment.

The system can operate separately from the Sierra’s infotainment system. This eliminates the need to leave your key in the ignition and the windows down to play audio from the game.

KICKER has ample experience creating durable sound systems for motorcycles, ATVs, boats, and other vehicles. So, it was easy for the company to transfer this quality to the MultiPro Audio System. The system has a weatherproof amplifier and speakers. It also has weather-resistant wiring harness, connectors, and plugs. And a fully-gasketed ABS custom baffle wards off dirt and dampness, so you can use the system for years to come.

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How to use it

The audio system is fairly intuitive to start. Per GMC, simply bring the MultiPro Tailgate to the full-width step position. At this point, the screen of the tailgate remote will light up and the system will engage. You can then sync the system to a compatible device via USB or AUX port or Bluetooth technology.

If going the USB route, select the USB option on the tailgate remote. To access the sound system via an AUX port, simply connect a TV, portable CD player, or microphone to the sound system via an AUX cord. Lastly, to sync your Bluetooth-enabled device wirelessly, select the KICKER option on the device’s settings.

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