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Hyundai Kids Initiative to Improve Traffic Safety Features SRK & Robocar Poli

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Hyundai India Safety School for Children SRK Robocar Poli

Superstars Robocar Poli and SRK announce safety program with Hyundai

Child safety initiatives continue to flourish around the globe thanks to efforts like those of Hyundai Motors. Already having launched Corporate Social Responsibility programs in America and its home country of South Korea, Hyundai has now teamed up with the Indian Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to spread its efforts to India.

Knowing that traffic safety practices need to be taught in India where child-related road accidents continue to be high in certain areas, Hyundai’s “Safe Move” campaign has begun.

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Efforts to Improve Child-Traffic Safety Education in India

Hyundai’s “Safe Move” campaign has four pillars: Safe Move, Green Move, Happy Move, and Easy Move. These four principals will be taught to children in 40 schools across five cities and 200 residential units (RWA) in those cities.

To reach children all around the country, Hyundai’s already-popular Robocar Poli cartoon show (which has been successful in other countries) is being dubbed in Hindi and Tamil languages. Aired episodes will also include special messages from mega-star/Hyundai India ambassador Shah Rukh Khan and Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari.

“Hyundai Motor is a responsible car manufacturer and India’s most loved car brand,” stated Y.K. Koo, Managing Director of Hyundai Motor India Ltd. “It is our responsibility to apprise children about the importance of traffic safety for a better future. Children are the future of a nation and ‘Traffic Safety Campaign’ is an effort to reach out to children and educate them with best practices of traffic safety.”

If you want to learn more about Kids Hyundai and its efforts to improve traffic safety, visit its website.

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