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Hyundai Reveals i30 Wagon, FE Concept SUV, & Plan to Dominate Europe

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2017 Geneva Motor Show Hyundai reveal presentation in Europe

COO of Hyundai Motor Europe discusses Hyundai’s plans for the i30 family

Over on the other side of the ocean in Europe, Hyundai’s i30 is a staple of the automaker’s lineup. Known in the states as the Elantra GT, the i30 is a popular blend of compact value and sporty performance. Its newest generation will be coming out in a family of four different forms. Thus far, we’ve seen the 5-door version appear to the public.

Today, at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, Hyundai revealed is second form: the i30 Wagon. Plus, Hyundai treated attendees to a first-look at another breakthrough: the all-new FE Fuel Cell Concept.

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2017 Geneva Motor Show Hyundai reveal presentation new i30 wagon car

Hyundai’s redesigned i30 in wagon form

The Geneva press conference began with a video interviewing Grant Twiggy Baker, WSL Big Wave World Champion, who emphasized the theme of water–a smart choice for Hyundai’s influential Fluidic Sculpture design philosophy.

Thomas S. Schmid, COO of Hyundai Motor Europe, took the stage to explain the brand’s plan: to become the top Asian-based auto brand in Europe by 2020. There’s great potential considering how popular compact cars are there in Europe and how much room for growth Hyundai has for an alternative fuel infrastructure there.

Hyudai’s plan involves the release of 30 new products and derivatives in Europe by 2021, such as an expanded B-SUV segment to cash in on the popularity of utility vehicles.

Finally, we got a look at the Hyundai i30 wagon, a glamorous vehicle that looks like an elongated, lower crossover. Yes, Hyundai is bringing the station wagon back into style, but it looks much better this time around with a sleek fascia and tapering roofline.

2017 Geneva Motor Show Hyundai reveal presentation FE Fuel cell concept SUV

Hyundai’s FE Fuel Cell Concept

Dr. Woong Chul Yang, Vice Chairman of R&D, then took the stage. In preparation of the global released of the Ioniq electric family, Chul Yang explained the World Economic Forum’s plan to expedite hydrogen fuel infrastructure, and than Hyundai is a member of the vGlobal Hydrogen Council. Thus, to get the ball rolling, he unveiled the Hyundai FE Fuel Cell Concept.

So what’s the difference between the FE Concept and the already-released ix35 (aka Tucson)? The FE is giving the fuel cell SUV a makeover, with a smoother body design and minimalist interior. Also, its performance is increased, boasting the longest distance ever achieved by a fuel cell vehicle (approx. 500 miles). The FE will influence the new production fuel cell SUV that will launch next year, so we’ll see what aspects remain then.

Also at this year’s Geneva Motor Show is the RN30, the torchbearer of the new performance-driven N sub-brand. It’s the blueprint for the i30N, another member of the i30 family that will begin production later this year.

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