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Hyundai Santa Fe Makes History by Helping Intrepid Adventurers Cross the Antarctic

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Hyundai Santa Fe Antarctica Patrick Bergel Shakleton journey snow driving

Is it possible to drive across Antarctica?

The human race is capable of tremendous feats; and, with the help of tremendous machines, it can do even more.

It may seem underwhelming now, but a hundred years ago, crossing Antarctica was a quixotic mission for some that resulted in failure and possible tragedy. Back in 1914, polar explorer Ernest Shackleton attempted to make the perilous journey via boat but was forced to turn back.

Desiring to make his great-grandfather’s dream a reality, Patrick Bergel set out to make the trip himself–except, being that this is the 21st century, he did it in a Hyundai Santa Fe.

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Watch Patrick Bergel Cross Antarctica in a Hyundai Santa Fe

Venturing into Antarctica a hundred years ago with a crew of 27 men aboard the Endurance, Ernest Shackleton’s mission became to save the lives of his crew when the ship wrecked.

Patrick Bergel bravely–and successfully carried his great-grandfather’s torch by crossing the Antarctic in 2016. To make the 3,600-mile drive in 30 days, Bergel drove a specially-outfitted Hyundai Santa Fe–the first SUV to cross the Antarctic.

Hyundai Santa Fe Antarctica Patrick Bergel Shakleton journey route map

The route that Patrick Bergel took

To survive high altitudes and -20°F temperatures, the Santa Fe was equipped with

  • Portal gear, improving suspension and lowering the gear ratio.
  • An engine heater, which warms the coolant to keep it near a target temperature.
  • A 230-liter aluminum fuel tank to maximize distance travel.
  • Four huge AT38 tires with low air pressure to allow gliding across the snow.
  • Modified fenders and wheel wells to accommodate the tires.

Inscribed with messages from the descendants of Shackleton’s original 27 crewmen, the Hyundai Santa Fe successfully took his descendant across the Antarctic. It goes to show that with perseverance and ingenuity, humans can achieve anything.

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