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Hyundai Tosses In-Car CD Players out the Window

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42513_Android_Auto_integration_on_Hyundai_s_new_Display_Audio_system in-car CD players
If you’ve heard about Hyundai’s new Display Audio system–a hi-res seven-inch touch screen being featured at the Consumer Electronics Show–you probably already know about its integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You probably know all about what it has, but here’s something it doesn’t have: an embedded compact disc player.

While the loss of in-car CD players in future Hyundai models might not seem significant to most people, it’s still a notable milestone in the demise of our favorite 1990s audio technology.

In-Car CD Players Won’t Be Featured in Future Hyundai Models with Display Audio System

You’re probably thinking, “So what? Who listens to CD players anymore?”

While that may be true for many consumers who invest in cutting-edge technology, in-car CD players are still a desirable feature in the used car market. Not every consumer is plugged into smartphone connectivity–which is why Hyundai’s Display Audio system will also feature traditional and satellite radio. Still, those aren’t as good as picking your own tunes.

But, Korean automakers see the CD as past its prime and no longer worth supporting, similar to how BMW decided to no longer carry AM radio.

“As affordable car buyers are often younger, Hyundai aims to provide what they want most in their car–all the latest smartphone-enabled technologies at a lower price,” said Cason Grover, senior group manager of cross-carline planning for Hyundai America.

Plus, the death and burial of in-car CD players is arriving faster than originally anticipated. Factory-equipped cassette players weren’t discontinued completely until 2010, so the possibility that embedded CD players could be phased out in the next couple years shows how exponentially fast technology is progressing.

Perhaps it’s time those old in-car CD players hit the road. Play ’em off, keyboard cat!