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I’m Kind of Digging My Personalized Subaru Thank You Video

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But is that Beck Bennett doing the voice work?

2017 subaru crosstrek in hyper blue

Captain Cameron, my brand new 2017 Subaru Crosstrek (in the beautiful Hyper Blue)

Earlier this year, I finally crossed off an important item on my bucket list: I bought my first Subaru, a 2017 Crosstrek in Hyper Blue, and I named him Captain Cameron, a hybrid of Captain Kirk and Kirk Cameron, for reasons I can’t necessarily explain.

2017 Subaru Crosstrek - hyper blue

Captain Cameron, from behind

With my new Subaru, I got exactly what I was expecting—fantastic handling in wintry weather, an amazing chance to donate money to the ASPCA, and a unique Lego-brick blue color to set me apart on the road. What I was not expecting, however, was a weird personalized video from Subaru starring my favorite TV dog family, the Barkleys, thanking me for my purchase.

Not expected, but entirely appreciated.

It’s no secret among friends and family that I think Subaru’s advertising is the best of the best. That brand can tug at your heart strings and then have you cracking up three seconds later. But Subaru’s very best advertisements are always dog-centric. I don’t want to say that Subaru’s dedication to pets and animal welfare was the only reason I went with Subaru for my vehicle purchase, but it was definitely a huge factor. So receiving a personalized thank you video from good old Subie afterward just confirmed my decision.

subaru impreza commercial - dog on beach - willie nelson

The most heart-wrenching clip from Subaru’s bucket list commercial

You can watch my video here (where they pronounce my last name hilariously poorly), and then you can edit the video to include your name and to thank you for random tasks; Subaru recommends “cleaning the garage,” but the juvenile in me went with “wiping your butt.” (You can watch that one here.)

Personalized Subaru Thank You Commercial

Subaru’s thank you commercial was incredibly endearing

Everything about the video is amazing. Even the loading screen throws in a few dog-related jokes.

It was just the right personal touch and cute fun from Subaru that I should have expected, and was happy to be surprised by. I do, however, have one lingering question after watching the video several times, and that’s who the heck voices Auggie, the patriarch of the Barkley family? Maybe I’ve just been watching too much SNL lately (I mean, Melissa McCarthy as Sean “Spicy” Spicer—how could I not?), but doesn’t he sound a little too much like Beck Bennett for your own liking?

beck bennett

I think I’m on to something.