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Jeep Launches “My Jeep Story” Digital and Social Campaign Globally

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2016 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited 75th Anniversary edition

Jeep is encouraging its fans and owners to share their own Jeep stories with the “My Jeep Story” campaign

It’s no secret that Jeep has something of a cult following. Jeep lovers support their favorite brand almost religiously, sacrificing countless paychecks on aftermarket tweaks and gas money to make their Jeep vehicle as perfect as possible. Speaking as a Jeep fanatic myself, the American brand’s vehicles are works of art—both on the road and off.

Now, Jeep wants to hear what its dedicated following has to say about its vehicles. The brand has officially launched a year-long campaign called “My Jeep Story” in celebration of its 75th year producing the vehicles we all love. This campaign asks the global Jeep community to share their own Jeep brand stories, and was launched with music artist Ciara sharing her very own Jeep Wrangler story.

“As we mark the 75-year milestone of the Jeep brand, there is no other brand that is able to embrace its global community in a way that invites these individual and compelling stories that have also shaped their own, personal journeys,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer for FCA Global. “Our Super Bowl campaign firmly acknowledged ‘We Don’t Make Jeep, You Do,’ recognizing that the rightful ownership of the brand resides uniquely within its fans, followers, and owners. ‘My Jeep Story’ will help bring to life and pay tribute to the true spirit and humanity that has come to embody the brand.”

This new Jeep campaign is similar to the brand’s Super Bowl commercial, which proclaimed “We Don’t Make Jeep, You Do.” Through the brand’s website (, Jeep brand fans can share their Jeep story. They can even share it across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #myjeepstory.

At the end of the year, Jeep will gather a digital compilation of “75” stories that showcase Jeeps pillars of freedom, adventure, authenticity, and passion.