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Jeep Sales Slide a Slight 2 Percent in January

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Following a record sales year during 2018, Jeep began 2019 facing some unusual challenges, causing its sales to fall ever so slightly

All-new 2018 Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon

Jeep is finding it hard to match its record sales from last year

Jeep celebrated its best sales year on record in 2018. Heading into 2019, it would seem that maintaining those impressive sales numbers may be a bit of a struggle.

Jeep finished January with a sales loss of 2 percent.

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In January of 2018, Jeep sold a total of 59,703 vehicles. Last month, the brand’s sales fell slightly below that, with 58,401 Jeep vehicles sold.

This slight sales loss is even more impressive when the different challenges facing the automotive industry during January are taken into account. Not only was the U.S. Government shut down for most of the month, but a large portion of the country had to deal with a severe polar vortex as well.

2019 Jeep Cherokee

The Cherokee once again took sales away from its larger counterpart

Despite these challenges, some of Jeep’s most popular models managed to gain sales. The Wrangler did especially well last month, with sales climbing 11 percent.

Still, Jeep’s best-selling model was the Cherokee. Jeep delivered 15,138 Cherokee vehicles in January, an increase of 4 percent.

The Cherokee’s larger cousin, the Grand Cherokee, didn’t fare as well. Grand Cherokee sales were actually down by 8 percent.

2016 Jeep Renegade Headlights

Jeep’s smallest model is also its least profitable

Still, the Jeep model with the largest sales loss was the compact Renegade. Jeep only sold 4,860 Renegade vehicles in January. Compared to the 6,639 Renegades it sold the previous January, that’s a massive 27 percent sales loss.

Fortunately, Jeep’s other small model, the Compass, managed to maintain steady sales. Compass sales grew from 10,192 units the year prior to 10,298 units.

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Without the sales challenges that affected most of the automotive industry during January, February may prove to be a more lucrative month for Jeep.  On the other hand, January might demonstrate a trend of slowing sales for the Jeep brand.

For a closer look at Jeep’s sales performance last month, use the sales chart included below:

Jeep January 2019 Sales