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Jeep Set on Keeping Compass or Patriot Name for New Compact SUV

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2016 Jeep Compass Driving

Jeep is replacing the Compass (seen above) and Patriot, but will keep one of the names for the brand’s newest compact SUV

When Jeep announces a new model, it’s hard to fight the urge to scream with excitement—at least, it is for me. The American carmaker recently announced it would be replacing the Compass and the Patriot models with an all-new compact SUV. While we don’t have a lot of information about the new Jeep, we now know one thing—it will keep either the Compass or the Patriot name.

“We’ve got two very good names, two well-established names with Compass and Patriot that continue to perform very well,” said Jeep’s global chief Mike Manley, in a recent interview. “It will be one of those names—which one, we’re going to have to wait and see.”

In North America, the Patriot is better known, while the Compass has better name recognition in the global market. Because of this, it’s possible that either name may be chosen as the nameplate for Jeep’s new compact SUV.

Jeep hopes that the new SUV will help boost the brand’s sales momentum. The American carmaker is currently coming off a record-breaking 2015, a streak that is sure to continue into 2016. Jeep will unveil the all-new compact SUV—and its name—at the New York International Auto Show in March.