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Jeremy Renner Showcases His Music in New Jeep Campaign

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Jeremy Renner in Jeep Campaign
Jeremy Renner in Jeep Campaign
Photo: FCA

Jeremy Renner, best known as Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has teamed up with Jeep on a new advertising campaign. In the television spots, Renner shows off his musical talent with three new singles.

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The Campaign

The new Jeep campaign spreads across digital, television, and social channels. Jeremy Renner appears in three television spots for the sixth “Summer of Love” campaign. “Main Attraction,” one of the songs featured, also has a full-length music video, which Jeep worked to create.

The advertisement that “Main Attraction” initially debuts in is the “Party” spot. Renner is seen bored at black-tie event, so he heads out in a Jeep Grand Cherokee to a more fun party at a roadhouse. There, he energetically sings his song to the joy of a large crowd.

The longest of the three ads features Renner sitting in a diner, struggling to write music. When he looks outside and sees the Jeep Compass, he pictures the great road trip he could take in the vehicle, while “Nomad” plays in the background.

Picking up right where the last spot left off, Renner leaves the diner and heads off to a concert. Instead of taking a tour bus, he chooses to drive the Jeep Wrangler on and off road. At the concert, he performs “Sign” in an outdoor venue similar to the first ad’s roadhouse.

On the collaboration with Renner, Oliver Francois, Chief Marketing Officer, FCA, says, “He is a true Renaissance man with talents that go well beyond acting, as he continues to show us with the introduction of his new music, which is authentic, honest rock n’ roll, and aligns with the same spirit and philosophy of the Jeep brand.”

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The three Jeep spots are fun ways of demonstrating Jeremy Renner’s musical talent, while also showing off the power of the Jeep models. You can check out the advertisements and the official music video for “Main Attraction” on YouTube.