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Kakao Speech Recognition to Arrive in Select Kia Models

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Photo: CDNet

This September, certain Kia models will start incorporating Kakao speech recognition technology. Some Hyundai models, like the Genesis G70, will also be rigged with this new artificial intelligence. This is thrilling news for any Kia fans interested in cutting-edge connectivity perks.

This feature is just part of Kakao’s holistic platform known as Kakao I. The tool boasts speech and image recognition, text-to-speech, and natural language processing capabilities. Using just their voice, consumers can search for businesses, restaurants, landmarks, and destinations. Drivers can also access navigation information simply by touching the voice search button on the steering wheel.

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Kakao researchers testing out the new voice-enabled technology system
Photo: The Digital Times

Exactly how does Kakao I work? First, the technology system picks up on driver’s spoken “search words.” Next, it transmits the search words to Kakao’s speech recognition servers. From there, the information transfers to the Kakao map servers which translates it to the car’s navigation system via Point of Interest (POI) data.

This high-tech innovation is the result of a collaboration between Kakao and Kia that started last year. Kakao plans to expand upon its speech-recognition technology by opening up the platform to third parties who can contribute additional infotainment options to provide users with a comprehensive, state-of-the-art experience.

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Kia’s partnership with the South Korea-based tech company Kakao comes as no surprise, considering the car manufacturer’s commitment to advanced technology which complements its safe, eco-friendly, and sporty rides. Kia fans can now expect more convenience than ever as the brand starts to release a select number of models equipped with Kakao’s smart features. Mark your calendars for September to check out this exciting technology.

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