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Kia Drops It Like It’s Hot in Sedona Safety Testing

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2015 Kia Sedona driving

Kia tested the Sedona, also known as the Grand Carnival, by dropping it vertically

When it comes to the safety of your family, you can never be too safe—and neither can Kia. In the Korean carmaker’s most recent safety testing of the all-new Sedona minivan, Kia has taken to dropping it like it’s hot—literally.

Kia knows that minivan owners make safety a top priority. That’s why the carmaker decided to take the Sedona—also known as the Grand Carnival in certain markets—and drop it vertically from a height of 41 feet.

While a vertical drop test isn’t as exciting to watch as a car colliding with a stationary object, it still exemplifies just how safe the Sedona minivan truly is. To ensure the safety of all passengers, Kia uses 52% Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) in the minivan’s body structure, making it one extremely tough vehicle. In comparison, dropping the vehicle from a height of 41 feet is the same as testing it the regular way at 34 miles per hour.

To show off the Sedona’s unbeatable safety, Kia has highlighted this vertical drop in a television spot that was released in the markets where the Sedona is known as the Grand Carnival.

Watch the Sedona’s vertical drop:


Sadly—or not so sadly, depending on how you look at it— the spot did not feature any dancing hamsters. But hopefully, this means we’ll see Kia dropping more vehicles from an even greater distance in the future!