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Kia Expands European Optima Lineup with Station Wagon and Hybrid

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Kia Sportspace concept wagon

The future Kia Optima station wagon will combine the styling of the Sportspace concept (pictured above) and the newest Optima sedan

You can never have too much of a good thing—and there’s no denying the Kia Optima is a good thing. So, it’s no surprise that Kia recently announced it is expanding its lineup of Optima models in Europe to include a station wagon and a plug-in hybrid car.

During the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier this month, Kia highlighted its new plans. The station wagon is expected to look like the offspring of the new Kia Optima sedan and the Sportspace concept presented earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show. With a long rear end and low hood, this station wagon will definitely not have the typical “station wagon” vibe.

In terms of power, the Optima station wagon will have the same engine options as the sedan, which includes both gasoline- and diesel-powered four-cylinder engines. It will even have the top-notch GT model that we’re not getting on American soil. This special model will get power from a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. While we don’t know quite yet how much horsepower it will generate for the (inevitably) heavier wagon, the GT sedan has an impressive 7.4-second 0-to-62-mph time.

For those consumers looking for something a touch more eco-friendly, information about the Optima plug-in hybrid model is scarce. We do know that it will look similar to the Optima sedan and it will have more emphasis on efficiency, rather than sportiness. Add to the fact that it will be able to operate solely on electricity for small distances, and the Optima plug-in hybrid sounds like it might give the European hybrid market a run for its money.

With these new models, Kia hopes to solidify its foothold in the European market. It might be a while, but it’s likely the American market might see the plug-in hybrid Optima sometime in the coming year. Until then, keep your fingers crossed.

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