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Lincoln: 2017 Continental’s Fancy Available Audio System Sure is Fancy

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Revel Ultima audio system door speaker 2017 Lincoln Continental

If you thought that Ford’s love of studies was limited merely to the Blue Oval brand, think again. An Ipsos study of the auditory tendencies of drivers was recently used as a means to support the importance of the Revel® Ultima audio system available for the 2017 Lincoln Continental.

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According to the survey, 84% of Americans prefer the radio to other forms of in-vehicle audio entertainment, with 62% of respondents saying that they listen to the radio at least once a day in the car and 67% saying that they turn on the radio immediately. Naturally, this supports the idea of having a fancy audio system in your luxury car, because clarity is perhaps less important when it comes to streaming music from your phone or listening to podcasts?

“The Lincoln Motor Company knows that sound is powerful,” says Michael Celentino, chief engineer, Lincoln Continental. “And we want to provide the best music experience we can for our clients.”

The Revel Ultima system is tailor-made to provide perfect clarity, delivering a comprehensive concert experience from the confines of the 2017 Continental. It utilizes QuantumLogic Surround® technology, which allows users to choose from three unique listening modes, as well as Revel Clari-Fi™ music restoration technology for more clarity from compressed digital music.

“What we’re doing through our technology is re-creating the sound and nuance of what the artist intended in the recording studio, but in a space that’s much smaller,” says Kevin Voecks, Acoustic Technologies HARMAN luxury audio, Revel. “We want to deliver a realistic sound experience—whether it’s a single person singing into a mic, very dry, or a giant concert hall with lots of reverberation.”

So there you have it. The Revel Ultima system is perfect for those who love to listen to the radio. Or, also, other stuff.

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