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Experience Lincoln Black Label At Home

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Lincoln Black Label at Home

Lincoln Black Label at Home? Lincoln Black Label at Home

Last month, we were introduced to the Lincoln Black Label, which promises to enhance the purchasing and ownership experience for the brand’s customers with new trims for the MKC and MKZ and a personalized dealership experience.

Lincoln also announced that it would supplement the Black Label with Lincoln Black Label at Home, which is an interactive experience that will allow customers to get an up close and personal sense of how materials and colors used in Lincoln vehicles create strong and dynamic aesthetics that also feel warm and welcoming.

Lincoln Black Label at Home

The first Lincoln Black Label at Home hovel is located in Hollywood Hills and was co-created with MAS Event + Design, hOmE nyc, and Condé Nast Media Group. Lincoln says that there will be three additional locations opened in 2015 in Dallas, Miami, and New York City.

Lincoln will use Black Label at Home to drive home the Center Stage, Modern Heritage, Indulgence, and Oasis design themes that will be available exclusively in Black Label editions of the 2015 MKC and 2015 MKZ.

The homes will also make liberal use of Venetian leather, Alcantara® suede, and Ziricote wood—the latter of which is only available in the Reserve Package available in certain 2015 Lincoln vehicles.

Lincoln Black Label at Home