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Lincoln Celebrates Burrows Street Park Project Success

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Burrows Street Park project

How Burrows street looked before…

The Lincoln Reimagine Project, which ties the brand’s reemergence to various artistic endeavors that involve looking at things from new and refreshing viewpoints, recently celebrated the success of the Burrows Street Park project in the Portola neighborhood in San Francisco. The Burrows Street Park project, with the help of Lincoln and the Architectural Digest and Architecture for Humanity, turned a boring ol’ street into a pocket park to help Portola become more event-friendly.

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Burrows Street Park project

…and how it looked after the Burrows Street Park project.

“Lincoln is reaching a new luxury customer in part through engaging the senses and creating a warmer, more personal experience,” said Andrew Frick, Lincoln group marketing manager. “Transforming Burrows Street Park into an enriching and valuable destination that touches and serves the community reflects our values, and is something we’re proud to support and nurture.”

The Burrows Street Park will serve as something of a hub for community planning and collaboration. The park includes furniture from pedestrians, an information kiosk for visitors to the neighborhood, a green wall, and a mural. Lincoln has also released a time-lapse video that depicts artist Jason Jägel’s work as it progressed, which you can see below:

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Of course, it wouldn’t be a Lincoln initiative if they didn’t find some way to compare art to one of their cars. This duty was handled expertly by Solomon Song, who served as design manager of the Lincoln MKZ, advisor on the Burrows Street Park project, and is a painter and sculptor in his spare time.

“The park needed to have similar attributes [to the MKZ]. It also needed to be open and inviting,” said Song. “My favorite part of this project was seeing the transformation of the space. You can truly change people’s perception with great design, and Burrows Street Park is a great example of how underutilized space can be transformed into a public space you want to visit.”

Source: Lincoln Motor Company