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Lincoln Closes Out 2016 with Big December; MKX, MKC, Continental Carry Lion’s Share

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The Lincoln Motor Company wrapped up yet another big year in December, closing 2016 out with 12,791 vehicles sold and a year-over-year increase of 17.8% for the month. Thanks to the success of the new Continental and the brand’s newest SUVs, Lincoln ends 2016 with considerable growth and momentum for the year ahead.

Lincoln’s December sales were led by a 19.2% year-over-year increase from the MKX resulting in 3,527 units sold. The MKC continued to perform well, closing out the year with deliveries totaling 2,795 vehicles, up 8.9% year-over-year. Sales of the MKT were also up, rising 59.9% year-over-year with 649 units delivered. Navigator sales fell 11.2% at 1,110 units. At a total of 8,081 units delivered, Lincoln SUV sales rose 12.5% in December.

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The all-new Lincoln Continental pulled in an additional 1,845 sales in December, bringing its total since launch to 5,261 units delivered. The all-new Lincoln MKZ saw sales fall by 17.4% in December with a total of 2,650 units sold. Sales of the Lincoln MKS declined 54.4% at 215 units sold. Combined Lincoln car sales for the month were up 28.1%.

At the close of business in 2016, Lincoln’s sales increased 10.4% to 111,724 units, good for the brand’s best sales year since 2007. The addition of the Continental to the lineup helped offset year-over-year declines for both the MKZ and MKS, putting Lincoln car sales up 7.9% over 2015 with 40,746 units delivered.

Lincoln SUV sales were up 11.9% in 2016 as the MKX and MKC carried the lion’s share. MKX sales were up 39.5% at a total of 30,967 units sold, and MKC sales rose 4% at 25,562 units sold.

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