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Lincoln Launches New Black Label at Home in Florida

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Black Label at Home

The new Black Label at Home location in Florida

Lincoln announced late last year that it would be launching a new “Black Label” that would enhance the luxury of select models—including the 2015 MKC, MKZ, and forthcoming 2016 MKX—with a greater emphasis on materials and four exclusive interior themes.

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Subsequently, Lincoln announced Black Label at Home. Beginning with a home in Hollywood Hills, Lincoln would deck out homes with materials including Venetian leather, Alcantara® suede, and Ziricote wood, all of which are featured in its vehicles.

In case you forgot about Lincoln Black Label at Home (you probably did, assuming you even knew about it in the first place), it’ll be refreshing to learn that Lincoln did not. In fact, Lincoln has opened its second Black Label Home at a private residence in North Bay, Florida. How do we know? They put out a press release about it!

Black Label at Home

Also, photographic evidence!

As with the home in Hollywood Hills, this done-up house will feature luxurious materials and visitors will be able to use Bespoke Concierge Services and catch a ride in a Lincoln Black Label vehicle of their choice. Well, all right then!

Lincoln says that it will next take up roots in New York and Dallas, the final stop likely coinciding with plans to expand the 32-dealer network that supports Lincoln Black Label to a nationwide capacity.

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