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Lincoln Continues Live in Your Moment Campaign with Shorts

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Live in Your Moment Lincoln has put forth a trio of new videos on Vimeo in the effort of promoting the 2015 MKC. Before you ask, no, they don’t have anything to do with Matthew McConaughey or his weird brand of stream-of-consciousness, even if they tout the same “Live in Your Moment” label.

The three films—“Bloom,” “Open Your Eyes,” and “The Perfect Place to Be”—feature the MKC in some capacity while telling compelling stories with striking images and soothing music.

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Check the videos out below:


Bloom from The Lincoln Motor Company on Vimeo.


“Bloom is a story about taking risks. As the short film opens, we meet Isabella, an Argentinian girl arriving in the U.S. for the very first time to visit a long-time friend. Looking to escape the monotony of everyday life, Isabella finds herself in a remote West Coast mountain town armed with nothing but her luggage and scant understanding of the English language. Upon realizing her luggage was mixed up at the airport, she embarks on an unexpected journey with a stranger, one that flips her world upside down. Limited by language barriers, these two strangers must rely only on body language and facial expressions to convey even simple thoughts and ideas.”

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Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes from The Lincoln Motor Company on Vimeo.


Open Your Eyes — a tale of new-found hope. Through Contreras’ lens, we’re launched into the deep and dark thoughts of an elderly man who struggles to adapt to his recent blindness. His wife has passed and his daughter has moved into the city to chase after her dream career, leading him to live an isolated life in his secluded Louisiana farm house. When, for his 70th birthday, his daughter plans a surprise journey to all the places that marked his childhood, he attempts to regain the hope and joy for life he once knew. Narrated through a thank-you poem written by the father to his daughter, we’re left to see the world through his eyes, even as he can’t see for himself.

The Perfect Place to Be

The Perfect Place To Be from The Lincoln Motor Company on Vimeo.

Considerably Shorter Description:

A short film about a couple finding their perfect place to be.

Source: Vimeo