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The Lincoln Zephyr May Still Be Coming After All

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2017 Lincoln Continental
Photo: Lincoln Motor Company

The diminishing existence of sedans is no secret, with seemingly anything that isn’t a niche performance car, crossover, SUV, or truck up for a potential axing. Though the Lincoln Zephyr has been rumored for some time to be the replacement for the current MKZ, the slow sales of Lincoln cars have suggested a different fate — particularly as the Navigator, Nautilus, and now Aviator and Corsair establish themselves as hot ticket items.  

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However, the Lincoln Zephyr may not be dead and buried just yet. Car and Driver cites Lincoln’s filing for the Zephyr trademark as one of the indicators of its eventual arrival, though the fact that the trademark application dates back three years doesn’t do much to dissuade from the idea that plans may have changed.

What sticks out is C&D’s suggestion that it’s “heard rumors that [the Lincoln Zephyr] may even make the switch to Ford’s rear-wheel-drive unibody architecture that’s found underneath the current Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator SUVs and will likely underpin the next Ford Mustang.” This would see production of the Zephyr taking place at Flat Rock Assembly alongside the seventh-generation Mustang, likely bumping the Continental from the line.

Another rumor sprang up earlier this month that the next-generation Mustang won’t hit the market until 2026 or later because of Ford’s emphasis on profitable nameplates like the Explorer and Aviator. By this logic, it’s possible that the Zephyr could become Lincoln’s RWD Mustang equivalent, but it certainly makes it seem like far less of a priority.

Still, Car and Driver suggests that we could see a Lincoln Zephyr concept as early as next year and a production version not long thereafter. As for whether we will or won’t or might or could, the best way to sum up any rumors pertaining to new sedans at this point is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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News Source: Car and Driver