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Longest-Lasting Hybrid Cars Are Made by Toyota

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2020 Toyota Highlander Platinum Hybrid AWD, hybrid logo
Photo: Toyota

It’s common sense that Toyota would make the longest-lasting hybrid cars. After all, its overall vehicle reliability is famously good, and if any brand is most associated with hybrid cars, it would be Toyota. But it never hurts to get a little science to back up common sense.

According to iSeeCars.com, a shopping and analytics site, Toyota hybrids stay on the road longer than other vehicles. Based on mathematically modeled results from over 15.8 million used-car sales, the site found that there are more Toyota Highlander Hybrid vehicles with over 200,000 miles on the odometer that are still in service, at about 4.2 percent.

That percentage might seem low, but it’s a lot higher than the average for all models: a mere 1 percent. In fact, the Highlander Hybrid was ranked fifth among all vehicles, including non-hybrids, behind only the Toyota Sequoia, Toyota Land Cruiser, and two other full-size SUVs. Toyota vehicles made up nearly half of the top 15 and led seven vehicle segments.

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First among the longest-lasting hybrid cars is the Toyota Highlander Hybrid
2020 Toyota Highlander Platinum Hybrid AWD
Photo: Toyota

It’s also notable that the new 2020 Toyota Highlander Hybrid gets an EPA-estimated highway fuel economy of 36 miles per gallon. That’s better than any other vehicle with three rows of seating. Over the course of a long lifetime, you’re looking at a lot of fuel and emissions savings.

The next two hybrid vehicles that were most likely to still be on the road after 200,000 miles were also made by Toyota. These were the Prius and Camry Hybrid at 1.7 and 1.2 percent, respectively. Once again, this not only makes them the longest-lasting hybrid cars but also among the longest-lasting vehicles on the road regardless of electrification.

This type of data is important because one of the chief factors that keeps people from buying hybrid car sales is the belief that, because they are more mechanically complex, hybrids are more likely to have reliability problems. But as iSeeCars revealed, that’s not the case — at least if you buy a Toyota hybrid.

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