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Low-Riding Toyota Hilux Proves Any Vehicle Can Drift

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drifting Toyota Hilux

The Engineered to Slide Drift Hilux

The Toyota Hilux might not be available in the US, but that doesn’t stop us from keeping up on the latest news about the compact pickup. Just last month, the Japanese automaker unveiled the 2016 Hilux in both Bangkok, Thailand, and Sydney, Australia, simultaneously. Amid our jealousy about the rest of the world getting to experience the Hilux, we stumbled upon this video via Jalopnik:

You might assume that a lowered pickup truck wouldn’t be the best candidate for an epic drift video, but you’d be wrong. This Hilux can drift with the best of them. The video was shot at the 2014 V 4 & Rotary North Island Jamboree in New Zealand. The Engineered to Slide Drift Hilux was built and piloted by Nigel Petrie, who essentially built it from the ground up. Nigel, who many years ago was the owner of both a drift car and a Hilux, wanted to combine the two to create a functional drift car. Hilux owners will be sorry to learn that the vehicle doesn’t contain any Hilux parts, so the chances of you being able to do this in your pickup are slim to none.

If you’re interested in the build of the Engineered to Slide Drift Hilux, check out this interview with Petrie to learn more:

Via: Jalopnik