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Madison Bumgarner’s Chevy Colorado Is AWOL

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Madison Bumgarner’s Chevy Colorado Is AWOL

The highly awkward presentation of MVP Madison Bumgarner’s Chevy Colorado

Remember that time Madison Bumgarner was named MVP of the 2014 World Series and was presented with a brand spankin’ new 2015 Chevy Colorado, jammed pack with “technology and stuff?” If not, please relive that cringe-worthy moment before proceeding.

All caught up? Good.

As exciting as it was for him to receive the new truck laden with the latest stuff and things and what-have-yous, it turns out that Madison Bumgarner’s Chevy Colorado is currently missing. No, really, he has no idea where it is.

Madison Bumgarner’s Chevy Colorado

The missing Colorado

It wasn’t stolen off his farm or anything, either. He just has been too busy lately to realize that he’s not quite sure where his truck is. No freaking clue.

This hilarious revelation came out during an interview on the Dan Patrick Show. Dan asked Bumgarner if he actually had the truck, to which Bumgarner replied, with no major concern whatsoever, “You know what? I was just talking about that actually. I don’t have it right now. It’s been so busy the last few days. I was just talking to my agent about tracking that thing down and seeing if we could get it sent to the house and have some fun with it. But as of right now, I do not have it and don’t really know where it’s at.”

To his credit, the man is really busy, and he already has a bunch of trucks on his farm. Let’s just hope the Colorado makes it there soon too.

News Source: Dan Patrick Show