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Make Other Drivers Cheery with These Driving Tips

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Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer and this weekend, many motorists will take to the streets to embark on a long-weekend road trip, a short-distance journey to a friend’s get-together, or for normal everyday errands. If your weekend plans involve getting behind the wheel for any length of time, consider adopting these courteous and safe driving habits (if you’re not already doing so), to welcome summer and to spread joy to your fellow drivers.

Snap out of the highway daze and be attentive to cars wanting to merge, and if you can get over safely, proceed to the other lane, recommends the experts at

Even if you’re in a hurry, tailgating is never a smart choice; you won’t get to your destination any faster and you’ll be creating a dangerous situation. Instead, maintain at minimum “one car length per ten miles per hour from the car in front of you,” advises

The left lane is for passing—it is not designed for permanent residence, according to the experts at

“Proper etiquette states that you should always drive the speed limit and only use the left lane when overtaking a slower moving vehicle,” states, which also adds that passing on the right can cause problems or accidents on the road.

Not everyone loves your eclectic taste in music, so keep the volume down to avoid distracting or annoying other drivers, suggests, and when parking, be sure to stay within the lines.

Turn signals are not a frivolous accessory in a vehicle; they are meant to be used to signal to other drivers or communicate where you are planning to move your vehicle. It’s not only helpful and polite, it protects you and other drivers. advises drivers check their state’s ruling for “required or recommended usage of turn signals.”

Your high beams are designed to help you see better while driving at night, but they can be extremely hurtful to oncoming motorists. Remember to turn off your brights when you see a car approaching, advises, or you could blind the driver and cause an accident.

If you are unable to get through the intersection on a green light, stop. Blocking the intersection will just infuriate other drivers and increase traffic congestion, according to

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